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Flyover country. That is our label, no matter how many awards we win in Minneapolis for cleanest city or best place to raise a family or number of live theaters per capita. We can change our national perception if we can send someone to Real Estate Connect in San Francisco. That is our 50-word response
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Mark Allen, MAAR's CEO, will be a panelist at Real Estate Connect in San Francisco, Aug 5–7, 2009. Because of our involvement, MAAR has secured a 50% discount off the regular price of attending this unbelievable networking event. Click here or on the image above to get started. The special link from here and the
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Hi, I'm going first-person today. I'm Greg Sax, Communications Manager here at MAAR. You may recognize my voice from our weekly enotes or printed newsletter. I also do a weekly blog post over at the St. Paul Real Estate Blog every Wednesday. Usually I'm talking about things like the Naugahyde booths at Mancini's or the
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