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If you’ve been following the national election news, you’ve likely heard “Super Tuesday” mentioned. And maybe you’ve been wondering what makes that day so super? Super Tuesday is the day in a presidential election year when the most states hold their primary elections or party caucuses – the elections that help determine which candidate will get
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Flyover country. That is our label, no matter how many awards we win in Minneapolis for cleanest city or best place to raise a family or number of live theaters per capita. We can change our national perception if we can send someone to Real Estate Connect in San Francisco. That is our 50-word response
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If you listened to 89.3 The Current anytime in April or May, you likely heard this: "Everyone knows the mortgage market is in crisis and that it’s dragging down the rest of the economy. But what caused it? How can we get out of it? And how can homeowners and potential buyers in Minnesota protect
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