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Brooklyn Center Tables Rental Density Ordinance On Monday, April 25, the City of Brooklyn Center held a second reading and public hearing on proposed amendments to Brooklyn Center City Code Chapter 12, Section 12-901. The proposed changes titled ‘Limiting the Density of Rental Housing’ include the addition of Section 12-901.10 which reads: Limitation of rental
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Fair Housing Is In Your Hands Nearly 50 years since the federal ban on housing discrimination, upholding the law’s spirit remains a challenge. Here’s how to be a fair housing leader. MARCH 2016 | BY GRAHAM WOOD   Sandra Butler refused to let it slide when a seller she represented last year made what felt
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On Monday, March 28, 2016, the City of Brooklyn Center introduced an ordinance that would limit the number of rental licenses issued for single family homes throughout the city. The proposal would cap the number of available rental licenses to 30 percent of the single family homes per block in R1 and R2 zoning districts.
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If you’ve been following the national election news, you’ve likely heard “Super Tuesday” mentioned. And maybe you’ve been wondering what makes that day so super? Super Tuesday is the day in a presidential election year when the most states hold their primary elections or party caucuses – the elections that help determine which candidate will get
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As many have noted, one of the biggest changes to the Twin Cities and national housing markets was the sudden influx and subsequent absorption of distressed properties.  “Distressed” simply refers to any new listing, active listing or closed sale where the lender either owns the property (foreclosure) or the property was sold for less than
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For those that complain that we only hear negative news from the media, I offer this: A big shout-out to Jim Tice who answered the call for TV time and to the homeowner who spoke directly to our talking points without any coaching from us (promise!). FOX-9 TV kind of outdid itelf last night, continuing
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