Awards & Accolades

Members give back to the communities they serve in many ways and we recognize those that make a difference. This is our way of showing appreciation to members for volunteering at the association and community.

REALTOR® of the Year

We recognize a member who has displayed sincere commitment and devotion to the residential real estate industry and the community.

Past Recipients

2018 Pat Paulson

2017 LeRoy Bendickson

2016 Todd Walker

2015 Kath Hammerseng

2014 Nene Matey-Keke

2013 Paul Sigurdson

2012 Emily Green

2011 Andy Prashad

2010 Mike Hoffman

2009 Todd Shipman

2008 Cari Linn

2007 Gregg Roeglin

2006 Todd Grill

2005 Fran Davis

2004 Budd Batterson

2003 Deb Greene

2002 John Anderson

2001 Kevin Ries

2000 Orv Fillbrandt

1999 Jim Dattalo

1998 Rosemary Beaurline

1997 Mark Allen

1996 Larry Peterson

1995 Nancy Argo

1994 Sharon Cassen

Exceptional Service Award

We recognize MAAR members that have given prominent contributions both within and outside of the real estate profession.

Past Recipients

2014 Budd Batterson

2014 Carson Brooks

2014 Roger Fazendin

2014 Michael Hoffman

2014 Cotty Lowry

2012 Budd Batterson

2012 Aaron Dickinson

2012 Emily Green

2012 Claire Killen, Chairperson

2012 Todd Walker

2010 Eric Kodner

2009 Jennifer Cutter

2008 Woody Love

2007 Julie Olson

2006 Rodolfo Trujillo

2005 Wolt Hood

2003 Jean Leake

2003 Don Peterson

2002 Bob Parish

2001 Faye Bland

Presidents Award

We recognize an outstanding MAAR member for dedication to the association above and beyond elected capacity. The Presidents Award is not given out on an annual basis.

Past Recipients

2014 Cotty Lowry 

2013 Aaron Dickenson

2010 Nobu Hata

 Heart of the Community Award


This program recognizes REALTORS® for their commitment to serve as leaders in our local communities. If you are a REALTOR® who rocks, your organization might be eligible to receive a $500 contribution from MAAR. Go ahead and tell us how you have made a difference in your community. Nominate yourself or a colleague. Nominations accepted until July 1.



Jaqueline Erickson

Rich Kelley

Whitney Kieffer

Kevin Knudsen

Greg Kuhl

Jennifer Olstad



Bonita Everts

Chuma Ikegwuani

Phil Rustad

Steve Ganz

Ted Field



Judy Betchwars

Shawna Frazier

Lisa Hathy

Whitney Kieffer

Jason Moore



Jo Damhof

Kath Hammerseng

Sandy Loescher

Mindy Shears

Bonnie Thompson


2013 Recipients


LeRoy Bendickson

Cheryl Holds

Cheryl Holds

Colleen McCreight

Colleen McCreight

Bill Minge

Bill Minge