At the Polls

One of the most important things you can do to impact your government is to get out to the polls and cast your votes. Your REALTOR® Associations are committed to electing industry champions who understand the importance of property rights, and those who are willing to learn the specifics of how the business of housing works.

Many REALTOR® members volunteer their time during election season to interview candidates for city, county, state and federal offices, in order to gauge their knowledge and support of housing issues.

Through voluntary contributions to the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC), candidates may also be given financial support for their election campaigns.


mn-capitalAt MAAR, eligible RPAC-contributor members of the Public Affairs Committee survey and interview candidates for city and county offices, and vote on whether MAAR should support any campaigns. The Committee follows a Campaign Engagement Policy in its determinations of candidate support.

MAAR’s candidate interviews focus entirely on real estate and housing issues, and campaign management. Interviews may include questions about broad philosophies such as regional growth and intra-city transportation development, or more specific proposals such as city regulation and tax structures. Other topics and partisan rhetoric have no place here – we are the REALTOR® Party, and we are focused on housing and real estate. Period.