The 100 is Updated for March

By MAAR on Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Pop quiz, hot shot:

How many communities does "The 100"—our localized market tool—cover on a monthly basis?

Your answer might’ve been "100," which, logically, I suppose is an excellent educated guess. But you’d be so wrong. Your other answer might’ve been "125" since you probably remember that we added 25 areas to our cadre of area reports in late 2007, but again, you’d be so totally wrong.

The correct answer is….205! That’s right, "The 100" is bigger and badder than ever. Dozens of new communities, a visual map interface and easy-to-access archived reports. It’s so huge that we’ve had to actually change the name to "The 100+." Check the logo below for the shiny new look.

And click here to access the updated March figures for "The 100+."