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Local Issues

MAR is committed to providing you with the most detailed, timely, and accurate policy data available. Updating our REALTORS® often about relevant local issues will have a greater impact on policy outcomes!

Implementation Guidance

Implementation guides serve as your resource on issues that have already passed and are about to become effective or have already become effective.

New Energy Disclosure Report in the Truth-in-Sale of Housing (TISH) program

January 15, 2020, an Energy Disclosure Report is required by the City of Minneapolis. The two-page ‘Asset-Based Energy Efficiency’ report will be part of the set of returned documents from the TISH inspection. The energy disclosure report will be based on four criteria: attic insulation, wall insulation, heating system, and window efficiency. Using these criteria, homes will be rated on a 0 to 100-point scale with 100 being the best. The report also will prioritize recommended improvements based on a maximum 10-year window of return on investment. No repairs will be required.

Energy Disclosure Report FAQs

Recorded Webinar: Energy disclosure report in the Truth-in-Sale of Housing

Talking Points

Talking points are a list of detailed discussion points designed to put you in the driver’s seat when explaining current issues that have not yet been decided.

 Rent Control

“The Minneapolis City Council voted in November 2019 to spend $150,000 to study the issue of Rent Control. State law prohibits rent control unless approved by the voters on a local ballot. The Rent Control Talking Points are for member use on Rent Control in 2020. Actual city ordinance language has not been developed but we anticipate this to be a large part of the public conversation in 2020.”

Rent Control Talking Points

Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA)

The City of Minneapolis is seeking policy advice on potential Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) legislation. TOPA regulates the conversion of use, sale and transfer of rental housing. Tenants have the opportunity to invoke their rights to purchase, exercise first right of refusal, receive offer of sale notices, receive notices of the transfer and the conversion of property to cooperatives or condominiums.

REALTORS® favor the creation of homeownership opportunities and support a wide variety of housing options. However, TOPA has several drawbacks, unintended consequences, and substantially alters private property rights and property ownership.

TOPA Talking Points

TOPA Process Charts

Agenda from City of Minneapolis Study Session on TOPA 9-20-19