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Date last modified: June 30, 2014

Sign Ordinances

There is nothing in the ordinance to allow temporary offsite real estate open house and directional signs. They are removed if left overnight or when there are citizen complaints.

Time-of-Sale Ordinance

“When a homeowner is preparing to sell their property they must have a Time-of-Sale Evaluation report on site when showing the property. This property includes single family residences, two-family, multiple-family dwellings and mobile homes located within the City.

A list of Time-of-Sale Evaluators (licensed by the City) can be obtained from the Time-of-Sale Coordinator. Please call (651)554-3250 for the list. The homeowner chooses the evaluator and makes arrangements for the inspection. The evaluator will leave a copy of the report with the homeowner.

Any items marked as “Hazardous” on the report have to be fixed before the new homeowner takes possession. Hazardous items are considered to be those conditions or defects that are likely to cause injury to a person or property if not corrected.

The evaluator has ten days to file the report with the City.

If the report has hazardous items listed on it, the homeowner is sent a copy of the report with the hazardous items high-lighted along with a cover letter informing them to call the Fire Department when all the hazardous items have been corrected.

After the Fire Department has made the final inspection they will notify the Time-of-Sale Coordinator and a letter will be sent to the homeowner informing them that the hazardous items listed have been corrected and inspected and now meet the Uniform Building Code.

A copy of the Ordinance, Evaluators List and a list of Items Commonly Found Hazardous can be obtained from the Time-of-Sale Coordinator or by calling 651.554.3250 or go to “

Vacant Property Registration

Not available.

Rental Regulations

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