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Date last modified: July 8, 2014

Sign Ordinances

Robbinsdale sign regulations are fairly restrictive. Signs are supposed to be ONLY on the property that’s for sale and are not to be in the city rights-of-way. That means NO signs on boulevard areas in front of homes, at city intersections, directional signs blocks away from the home, at highway off ramps, etc. etc. As staff time allows the extra signs are picked up and disposed of. Signs erected for the sole purpose of sales or rental of property, structures, or space therein are permitted in all zoning districts, provided that the sign is erected on the premises to which the sign refers. The sign may not exceed one quarter square foot of sign area for each foot of property frontage, along which the sign is to be erected, up to a maximum size of 25 square feet in area. Only 1 real estate sign may be erected along each street frontage (still on the property to which the sign refers). If the sign is erected as a free-standing sign, it may not exceed 4 feet in height and must be securely anchored to prevent its dislodgement by normal wind pressure. The sign must be removed within 7 days of sale or rental. The signs are not included in the maximum number of signs allowed under subsection 410.09.

Time-of-Sale Ordinance

Enforcement of Robbinsdale’s Point of Sale ordinance began May 1, 2009, and requires a disclosure report prepared by independent certified evaluators (hired by the seller). Under this code, licensed evalulators would walk through homes prior to their being placed on the market and shown for sale. This applies to all single-family homes, twin homes, townhouses, and condominiums (except new construction). Reports would indicate items which are acceptable, below standards and require repairs. Required repairs include imminent structural failures, unsafe electrical and plumbing systems, hazardous or unsanitary conditions, and lack of basic items (sinks in kitchens, toilet facilities, etc.). For more information, see links below or contact Rick Pearson at 763.531.1266.

The Point of Sale (POS) inspection must be performed by a certified evaluator. Any person qualified to perform POS or truth-in-housing inspections in the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul or Bloomington can become certified in Robbinsdale. To obtain certification, an application and documentation of the qualifications from the above cities, insurance, and sign-off of the Code of Ethics form are required. For a list of evaluators currently certified in Robbinsdale, see link below.

Uniform Guidelines | Repair/Replace List | Disclosure Form
Certified Evaluators | Evaluator Application | Code of Ethics

Vacant Property Registration

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Rental Regulations

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