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Date last modified: July 8, 2014

Sign Ordinances

Temporary real estate open house and directional signs ordinance specifically states no offsite open house or directional signs. One open house sign may be placed at the property.

Time-of-Sale Ordinance

This program requires that residential properties pass a housing maintenance code inspection before the title is transferred. Houses that pass inspection are issued a “Certificate of Housing Maintenance Compliance” which must be presented at the closing of the property.

The Inspection must be completed prior to title transfer (closing). If repairs are needed to meet the housing code, the seller or buyer can do them. Repairs done by the seller must be competed and reinspected prior to closing. If the buyer assumes responsibility for the repairs, certain conditions must be met.

The property can be inspected anytime during the selling process. However, it is strongly recommended that the inspection be done prior to listing or advertising the dwelling for sale. The inspection is done by a City housing inspector.

The inspector visually checks the condition of the roof, foundation, doors, and windows, exterior paint or covering, electrical system, plumbing system, chimney, and heating/cooling system. A written report is provided at the end of the inspection listing items to be repaired.

Repairs made by the seller must be completed and inspected before the closing. If you own and occupy the home, you may do the work yourself. All repairs must meet City codes. Code violations must be corrected even if the home does not sell and is taken off the market.

Vacant Property Registration

Annual Fee: Varies depending on property type. Single-family homes carry a fee of $100 for the first year, $200 for each subsequent year. Check Richfield’s Vacant Building Registration Application for fees for other property types.

Rental Regulations

Not available.