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Date last modified: May 23, 2017

Sign Ordinances

Prior Lake – Policy for Temporary Signs

The City of Prior Lake does not require sign permits for Yard Sale Signs, Election Signs or similar Temporary Signage. There are, however, criteria for the location of these signs. These criteria are listed and shown in the picture below [use link to picture examples]

  • Do not place these signs within the street right-of-way. Instead, locate the signs on the building side of curbs and sidewalks. This area is usually private property. 
  • On corners, you can determine the approximate right-of-way line by measuring 50 feet along the curb line on each street, and drawing an imaginary line connecting these two points to
    form a triangle. No sign taller than 2 1/feet should be located within this triangle. Instead, place the signs on the building side of the imaginary line you have just created.
  • Do not attach signs to utility poles or light standards, as these are also considered public 
  • Do not place signs on any publicly owned property, such as parks, wetlands and City 
  • Yard Sale signs may be displayed 7 days prior to the sale and must be removed immediately after the end of the yard sale.
  • In a State general election year, such signs may not be posted until 46 days before the date of the State primary election and must be removed within 10 days following the State
    general election.

Signs located within City, County or State right-of-way, or on other City property, may be removed by
City staff. These signs will be stored at the City Public Works building for two weeks. The signs may
be retrieved by visiting the Public Works Building at 17073 Adelmann Street. Any unclaimed signs will
be discarded after two weeks.

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Time-of-Sale Ordinance

Not available.

Vacant Property Registration

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Rental Regulations

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