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Date last modified: July 8, 2014

Sign Ordinances

Temporary offsite real estate open house (not exceeding six square feet) and directional signs (not exceeding two square feet) shall be set back a minimum of 10 feet from the back of the curb or behind the sidewalk. On corner lots, signs are not permitted within 20 feet of any corner formed by the intersection of two streets with the 20-foot sides of the isosceles triangle measured from the back of the curb. Signs cannot be posted more than one day prior to the event and shall be removed by 10 p.m. on the same day of the open house. If the city confiscates a sign for noncompliance with the setback requirements, the city will usually retain the sign for retrieval for a seven-day period before it is permanently disposed of.

Time-of-Sale Ordinance

A code compliance inspection is required prior to the sale of any residential property, including single-family homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings. The initial code compliance inspection takes about 45 minutes. During the inspection, the building official looks for items in the home that present safety or maintenance concerns. Following the inspection, the homeowner receives a “fix it” list that spells out the repairs that will be needed to bring the property into compliance with the city codes. The home seller must make the specified repairs and have the home reinspected before a Certificate of Compliance will be issued and the home may be sold. If the seller is physically or financially unable to make the repairs, the home may be sold “as is” if the buyer commits to making the repairs within a specified period.

The Code Compliance Inspection fee is $120. The fee covers both the initial inspection and one re-inspection of the property.

Vacant Property Registration

Not available.

Rental Regulations

Not available.