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Little Canada, 55117

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Date last modified: June 27, 2014

Sign Ordinances

Placement revolves around when the REALTOR® will be on location and not within the right of way. Little Canada is a very active community on enforcement of signs and frequently remove and dispose of signs in violation.

Directional/Information Signs

  1. On-Premise Signs. Shall not be larger than four (4) square feet unless approved by the City Council. The number of said signs shall not exceed four (4) unless approved by the City Council.
  2. Off-Premise Signs. Said signs shall be limited to situations where access is questionable and/or confusing and resulting traffic safety may be jeopardized or traffic inappropriately utilizes residential, minor streets. Said sign shall require a conditional use permit as approved by the City Council. The size of the sign shall be determined by the City Council and shall contain no advertising.

Time-of-Sale Ordinance

Not available.

Vacant Property Registration

Not available.

Rental Regulations

Not available.