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Date last modified: June 30, 2014

Sign Ordinances

Real Estate Signs: Temporary signage for the purpose of selling, renting or leasing individual lots, parcels, homes or buildings may be erected provided: (1) One sign may be placed per street frontage and located within fifteen feet (15′) of the right of way line on the property to be sold or leased. (2) The size of such sign shall be a maximum of six (6) square feet for residentially zoned property and a maximum of thirty two (32) square feet for all other properties. (3) The sign shall be removed upon sale, rental, or lease of the property.

Open House Signs: Open house signs shall not exceed four (4) square feet, six feet (6′) in height and the display of signs is limited to the same day of the open house. Said signs may be placed in the city right of way but not exceed three feet (3′) in height within the thirty foot (30′) triangle of visibility at public or private street intersections or driveway intersections.

Time-of-Sale Ordinance

Not available.

Vacant Property Registration

Not available.

Rental Regulations

Not available.