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Date last modified: October 27, 2015

Sign Ordinances

  1. Signs (off-premise) will be restricted to property adjoining the rights-of-way of state trunk highway number 100.
  2. The minimum lineal distance between signs (off-premise) is 1,000 feet.
  3. The minimum setback from street right-of-way lines is 30 feet.
  4. The minimum setback at the intersection of two streets will be 50 feet from either street line.
  5. A sign (off-premise) may not be located within 250 feet of any residence, whether such structure is located in a residential district or is a non-conforming use in any other district. A sign (off-premise) may not be located within 250 feet of a public park, school, library, church or similar institution or government.


Vacant Property Registration

Crystal’s Vacant Property Ordinance considers a building to be vacant if no person actually and currently conducts lawful business or lawfully resides in any part of the building on a permanent, nontransient basis. When a residential, commercial or industrial building has been vacant for more than 30 days, it must be registered with the city. The registration is valid for one year from the date of issuance. The property owner must secure a new registration annually if the building remains vacant.

Exemptions may include residents on extended vacation or with alternative living arrangements with the intention to return to the property (city notification required), fire-damaged properties, multi-unit buildings with one more more units occupied, or parcels of land not containing buildings.

Annual Fee: $500

Visit the city’s Vacant Building page for more information and application forms, or call 763-531-1000.

Rental Regulations

All rental dwellings must be licensed and inspected annually. All rental units must have valid rental license prior to occupancy. City Code defines a rental dwelling as any dwelling occupied by someone other than the owner, regardless of the familial relationship between the tenant and owner (i.e. relative homestead property), and regardless of whether any rent is actually paid by the tenant.

Once the Application for Rental Dwelling License and appropriate licensing fee has been received, the property owner or designated manager will be notified by mail of the initial rental inspection. This individual is responsible for notifying the tenants and must be present during all inspections.

After the initial inspection has been completed, any correction orders will be given to the property owner or designated manager. Correction orders must be completed within 30 days of the initial inspection.

Fees vary depending on property type. For a Fee Matrix and more information, visit Crystal’s Rental Licensing Website.