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Date last modified: June 27, 2014

Sign Ordinances

Temporary real estate directional signs not exceeding 3 square feet in area and 4 in number showing a directional arrow and placed back of the property line shall be permitted on approach routes to an open house. The top of such signs shall not exceed 3 feet in height. No permit shall be required. Such directional signs shall be for open houses in the City of Champlin only.

Vacant Property Registration

Champlin enacted a Vacant Building Registration Program on February 1, 2012. Defined by Champlin’s ordinance, a “vacant building” is a building other than a building being constructed pursuant to a valid building permit that is:

  1. Unoccupied and unsecured for five (5) days or more;
  2. Unoccupied for sixty (60) days;
  3. Unoccupied and an unsafe structure;
  4. Unoccupied and posted for no occupancy or unfit for human habitation;
  5. Condemned and illegally occupied; or
  6. Abandoned building.

A vacant building may be residential or non-residential and includes both condominiums, and townhouses. A property owner must register a vacant building with the City no later than sixty (60) days after the building has become unoccupied. Building includes any portion of a building that is a separately titled, or capable of being separately titled, such as a condominium or townhouse unit, that is part of a larger building structure.

There are a few exemptions including: Extended vacationers or snowbirds (A resident on an extended vacation or alternative living arrangement with the intention to return to the property, up to 180 days); Severe weather event or fire damaged property (A building that has suffered from a fire or a severe weather event is exempt from registration for a period of 90 days to allow for cleanup, repair or demolition); Government-owned properties such as HUD or SBA properties.

Fee: $300 every six months.
Registration forms and instructions are available on the City’s 
Vacant Building Program website or can be found by contacting Champlin’s Code Enforcement Officer at (763) 923-7196.

Rental Regulations

Champlin’s rental licensing program applies to all dwelling units that are leased or rented in whole or in part as dwelling units (including accessory and appurtenant structures such as garages, storage buildings, sidewalks and retaining walls). It does not apply to residences occupied by the owner or by members of the owner’s family and where the renters have access to the entire residence.

A rental license must be obtained for each dwelling unit; two or more units in the same building with a common owner and property identification number shall be covered under one license.

After the license application has been submitted, the city may inspect each dwelling unit to ensure it meets all ordinances, statutes and codes.

Licenses shall be effective upon issuance and shall continue for a period of one year from the next February 1 following issuance for buildings of four or more units, and from the next April 1 following its issuance for buildings of three or fewer units. Licenses are non-transferable and will expire on the date of any transfer of dwelling ownership.

For a Fee Schedule, Application and other information, contact Champlin’s Community Development Department at (763) 421-8100.