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Date last modified: June 30, 2014

Sign Ordinances

Temporary off-premises directional signs for residential open house events, including model homes and rental units, may be installed by any person as follows:

  1. Sign Size: Each sign shall not exceed twenty eight inches by twenty eight inches (28” x 28”) in size.
  2. Sign Content: Each sign shall include either the words “open house”, “rental unit available”, or “model home”, and the name and telephone number of the person responsible for the sign.
  3. Sign Placement: The signs shall be directional in nature and shall be placed solely to facilitate the direction of traffic to open house events. Placement of the signs shall be as follows:
  1. The signs shall not be located more than one mile from the site of the open house event.
  2. The signs shall not be placed closer than 5 feet to any curb.
  3. The signs shall not be placed on a sidewalk.
  4. The signs shall not interfere with traffic visibility.
  5. The signs shall not be placed on private property without the written consent of the property owner.

Sign Quantity: To maintain the directional nature of the signs, they shall be limited to a maximum of 12 signs per open house site, with a maximum of 2 signs per intersection.

Sign Duration:

  1. The signs may be in place from one hour before to one hour after a weekday open house event.
  2. The signs may be in place from 10 p.m. on Fridays through 6 a.m. on Mondays for a weekend open house event.
  3. Signs for annual, metro-area, special real estate events, such as the Parade of Homes, may be in place for the duration of the event.

Time-of-Sale Ordinance

Not available.

Vacant Property Registration

Not available.

Rental Regulations

Not available.