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Date last modified: July 8, 2014

Sign Ordinances

Temporary freestanding offsite real estate signs announcing an “open house” or similar activity for the purpose of showing or displaying a home for sale are permitted provided:

  1. The offsite sign is located on privately-owned residential property and there is no objection to the display of the sign on the part of that property owner;
  2. The offsite sign is displayed only during the time of the “open house” or showing;
  3. The size of the offsite sign shall not exceed three (3) square feet in area.

All signs permitted by this section of the ordinance shall be maintained in an appropriate manner so that the message is clearly legible.

Time-of-Sale Ordinance

Not available.

Vacant Property Registration

The city has a comprehensive, four-step foreclosure strategy to stabilize the neighborhoods and help ensure the properties are brought back to a productive use. Foreclosed vacant properties registered with the city are eligible for certain city housing programs while funding is available. 

A residential or commercial property where an entire building on a parcel has been vacant for more than 30 days must be registered with the City. For example, this includes a single-family property, a single commercial building that is vacant on a parcel, and a multi-family building that does not have any occupants. Exemptions may include: a parcel of land that does not contain a building, any multi-unit building on a single parcel that has one or more occupied unit(s), extended vacationers with the intention to return to the property (city notification required), or fire-damaged property

Annual Fee: $400 first year vacant, $1,000 one to three years vacant, $3,000 if three-plus years vacant.

Visit the city’s Vacant Building Program website for more information and application forms.

Rental Regulations

Since June 1, 1975, the City of Brooklyn Center has required rental property to be licensed. If you own property and let it for occupancy but do not occupy the property, you must obtain a rental dwelling license, regardless of compensation or if the property is occupied by a relative.

In April of 2010, a new performance-based rental license program was implemented. License categories are based on the condition of the property as determined by the rental license inspection and by excessive validated public nuisance police calls. A license is not required under the following circumstances:

1) A residential property owned by a “snowbird” where the property is rented to another person for a period of less than 120 consecutive days while the owner is residing out of the state of Minnesota, the owner must occupy the property during the remainder of the year, 
2) A single-family dwelling or a dwelling unit in a duplex occupied by the building owner for a minimum of six months per calendar year,
3) Rented rooms within an owner-occupied dwelling unit, 
Unoccupied dwelling units that have been issued a Vacant Building Registration (see above)

Fees vary based on property type – Click Here for the Fee Matrix.