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The Appraisal Tools page provides links to educational resources for agents who want to educate clients about the appraisal process

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First Appraisal Meeting of 2017 with MAAR’s CEO Bill Wald, presenting his State of the Real Estate Market Report for 2017.  Bill will discuss current market conditions and predications for 2017.

This is an Appraiser Member benefit and free of charge. 

Elicense School
Career WebSchool
MN Appraisal Institute

Appraisal Insight | Blog
Real Estate Appraiser News

Association of Appraiser Regulatory Officials
FHA 800-call-fha | 800-225-5342 (reach a live person to answer FHA appraisal questions)
FHA Connection (if you have a user name and password, look up which condo projects are FHA approved.)
Minnesota Appraisal Institute
Minnesota Appraiser | Blog
National Appraisal Institute
Zoning Maps (if you have additional info to share, please contact Linda Stoeckicht.)

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